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Swiggy Coupons and Discount Code | Promo Voucher Codes & deals 2019

Swiggy Coupons & Discounts

About Swiggy is one of the most popular destinations on the web to shop for all kinds of ready made food cuisines, which the restaurants near you are offering, at the least of prices. The customer-friendly Indian food purchase and delivery services company makes your food buying experience a breeze. You can also use the coupons and discount codes available here, and avail the best bargain on your next food purchase at the web portal. The food order and delivery Company Swiggy is based at Bangalore. offers its food sale and deliveries services in all major urban destinations in cities of India.

You can find Swiggy food at cities including Gurgaon, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kokatta, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai, among major cities in India. The company has witnessed 10 times growth in the past few months, and will soon be extending its services to more cities in India.  A number of offices goers, salary class employees, business men, and families like to buy food from Swiggy, because of the authenticity and comfort they derive from the online purchase. High quality food can be purchase at Swiggy at low costs, and the coupons here further reduce the purchase costs.

Swiggy special services and deals

The Swiggy portal offers loads of choices to the customer. It offers the names of both premium and the affordable restaurants in the area where the customer is. Apart from restaurants, customers can also browse through the cuisines that are available at the restaurants. The food is delivered to the door step of the customer, his/her office, or wherever else he/she desires. Swiggy saves the customer both time and money, which he/she spends towards obtaining the foods physically. What makes the web portal a class apart from others is that is that it has no minimum order policy, and has its own fleet of delivery boys for delivering all kinds of foods, to the customer.  As the customers can pay for the foods easily online, Swiggy also provides the customers convenience, payments security, and a hassle free food purchase experience which is devoid of any kind of physical cash handling.

The delivery boys carry one order at a time, and the company provides fast delivery and reliable services. So whether you want to relax during a holiday and get yourself relieved of cooking, or want to have delicious cuisines as your office lunch delivered right to your office, Swiggy has the best of recipes, foods and offers for you. It is the best place to buy fresh and nutritious food, and delicious dishes. The online food delivery service knows instantly where you are located, and displays to you the names of the best, quality and affordable restaurants that are close to you. Log on to the website and Voila! You can buy your favourite recipes from your favourite restaurant in a matter of seconds. Swiggy helps you to buy all kinds of foods on web, including Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian and American foods, apart from the region specific dishes including Dosas, Idlis, Dokhlas and other as well.

Buying food at Swiggy is quite exciting as well. You can track the location of the delivery boy through the entire delivery route. You can know when he has collected the order, and can also know the time when he would be reaching your home. You get an email receipt for the purchase, and will also get the Swiggy SMS updates. Swiggy Express, the new expedited delivery service being launched by the company, will further reduce the time of food delivery. The average delivery time of Swiggy is around 35 to 40 minutes, while will be reduced by another 15 to 20 minutes once the service is launched and is functional completely. The blog offers you the best of recipes, and helps you to choose healthy and delicious food for yourself. You can find at the blog Indian, Continental, Chinese, Mughlai and other cuisine recipes, and the food and health tips. Swiggy enables you to pay by both cash and card. You can pay for the food when it arrives at your doorstep, or can pay it by using your credit/debit cards, or through other online payment modes. uses SSL or Secure Socket Layer encryption technology, so that all online payments are processed in a very secure way.

Swiggy also has the Visa Verified and PCI: DSS compliant payment gateways. and all financial and personal data of customers is kept and used in a very secure and confidential way by the portal. The Swiggy business App enables you to purchase foods through you smartphones and tablets as well. You can use the Swiggy App when you’re on the go, and order food to reach you at any destination you like. The Swiggy App makes it easy and convenient for the customer to reach for all restaurants located near home, office or any other place. It also helps them to search for all kinds of cuisines that they are looking for.

The food that you order form Swiggy is delivered to you in very safe and hygienic way. Apart from the restaurant packing, Swiggy also wraps its own package around the food to provide it extra security. You can expect your food to be hot and delicious, as the order will reach you in a maximum of 40 minutes. Swiggy does not charges anything for delivering your food to you, when it has a substantial cost. For the low priced orders, it has a small delivery fee. So even if you place an order of Rs 50 at, Swiggy will deliver it to you with the same efficiency and speed. You get best of foods relating to both national and international cuisines’ at least costs at, by using the coupons and digital discount vouchers available here.

Save money with Swiggy coupons at Manycoupons

The Swiggy coupons and discount codes help you achieve tremendous bargains at the food purchases you make at the website. The coupons can reduce you payment amounts by 50% or even more. The coupons available here include the “Rs 150 off Rs 250” coupon, the “Rs 75 off Rs 300” coupon, and other coupons. You can also use the coupons for buying food at the least cost, and can avail the “no minimum order” coupon and service as well. Hurry, as the coupons are active for a given period of time only. We update the coupon offerings frequently, so keep coming back.

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